Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tom and Mark Cullen "Trust Dave" (Nexus 2009)

On the day I read the planet’s oceans are to rise by one and half metres this century here’s an interesting ad I enjoyed, Trust Dave from Nexus. Brothers Tom and Mark Cullen do their bit for the UK’s Energy Saving Trust. Dave is a cheery, bespectacled fellow who formally introduces himself before listing the domestic changes we can make in our lives to save energy. Things go a tad awry as Dave's shower is out of kilter, water spills from overheated pans electrocuting the poor mite, whilst the overheated freezer disgorges a chirpy penguin and deluge. Dave does the right thing of course by inviting the little fellow to heat his bed at night. In addition to introducing an attractive character featured on the Trust’s website, I like the brightness of it all, together with a 3D chunkiness as domestic furniture sticks out from the screen like website buttons made in Flash. Nice balance of information and entertainment.

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