Thursday, 31 December 2009

Top Ten Animated Shorts: No's 1 & 2

And now to my top two films of the year. Deciding between the two has been an impossible task because they are so very different. One is so emotional, the other uplifting. Perhaps it is our grim UK winter that draws me to the latter......
No 2: Kunio Katô: La Maison en Petits Cubes . The Japanese director was awarded the Academy Award for his intensely moving film about a man marooned in a flooded world, stoically rebuilding his house above the rising waters before revisiting the layers it was built upon. In doing so he remembers his family as they too proceed through life. The old man smoking his pipe in a reducing room, donning his diving gear, setting a table for two will linger in your memory in a film that is distinctive in style.

No.1: Emanuel Luzatti, Luigi Berio and Stefano Cabrera: Genova Sinfonia della Città might seem a strange choice to top this year's list of favourite films. It is a commissioned film extolling the virtues of Genoa as a tourist destination. The late Emanuel Luzzatti's gorgeous paintings celebrate the city's rich history to a glorious soundtrack from Stefano Cabrera. Director Luigi Berio uses a traditional cutout technique. I was effulgent when first reviewing this 2005 film. So simply revel in the pageantry, the exuberance and glorious sense of history. A feast of a movie, it lacks the narrative drive of Kunio's work but more than makes up in gorgeous spectacle. What animation is all about.

There are a number of other awards I should make before the year ends:

Best Movie for Children:

Yoann Lemoine: The Balloon - what happens to discarded balloons

Big Studio Production

Doug Sweetland: Presto (Pixar) - big studios make magic as of old

Best Music Video

Yuval and Merav Nathan: Her Morning Elegance - stunning stop motion photography, design, actress, song and would have made top ten

Best Classic Animation

Jack Kinney: Der Fuehrer's Face - fight Hitler by making him look funny

Favourite Ad

Psyops: UPS Store - corrugated epics not made from card

  • François-Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour (Nexus): All Together Now - countries pulling together for the Olympic spirit

For Technical Excellence

Tyson Ibele: Hemlock - 3D realism but he's not real

Enjoy your New Year!


loveable_homebody said...

So much work with all of your posts within posts!

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wowww...what a much hard work

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Ian Lumsden said...

Thank you both for the comments. I enjoy writing!


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Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Vishnu,

I've just had a quick glance and I'm impressed. The glossary for making a movie and other practical tips are simply expressed and therefore helpful. I really must get round to making a list of my favourite sites. I used to have one but it was getting unwieldy and I was in danger of leaving people out.

I'll try and give you a mention if I actually write something practical myself.

Keep on blogging.