Sunday, 27 December 2009

Top Ten Animated Shorts of 2009: Those that made the long list

With 300+ movies reviewed this year, reducing to a top ten is not an easy task. Leading up to the New Year there follows, in stages, my favourite movies of a busy year. No national bias, no favouring a particular style, only those ten animations that struck a chord. A number failed to make the final shake-up to the top ten however through no fault of theirs. The failing is entirely mine.

In strictly alphabetical order....

  1. A Sheep on the Roof - quirky, whimsical, beautifully drawn, funny, sad
  2. Boy and Girl - such romantic artistry, tempered by realism from a great director
  3. Good Vibrations - another great director making his point with an engaging comic touch
  4. Love Recipe - I simply had to choose a Supinfocom movie; this won for slickness and timing
  5. Milovan Circus - modern puppetry at its best, sad and magical
  6. Run of the Mill - I wish I had a better copy of the great man's educational video warning of the dangers of drugs
  7. The Last Knit - as No 1 above but miss out the sadness
  8. The Little Drummer Boy - loved song, technique and that true sense of Christmas with the family
  9. The Man with the Beautiful Eyes - there is still something cutting edge in the marriage of words and images
  10. Voyage To Next - an animation chosen because it represents an age where hope reigned above cynicism

Tomorrow I dip into the top ten.


Tess Martin said...

Hi. I just discovered your blog. I have my own animation blog ( and just wrote about your post. I like your list! Though I have to say I was not a huge fan of the Flash animation in A Sheep on the Roof, but I'm biased as a stop-frame animator. I also put a link to your blog in my 'link' column. Keep up the good work!

Ian Lumsden said...

Hello Tess,

I too will link to your blog. "A Sheep on the Roof" was made by a student just about to commence Gobelins. I loved it personally. Animation is a broad church and the list represents my own preferences, no-one else's. There's another Flash animation to come yet in my top ten movies. Stop-frame animation is celebrated in two music videos due for a special award tomorrow!