Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Allison Schulnik "Hobo Clown " (2008)

There is something satisfyingly fundamental about the claymation piece, Hobo Clown, from Los Angeles painter and film-maker, Allison Schulnik. The plasticine figure is thumbed and kneaded, squashed, flattened, stretched. An interesting choice of a clown, that figure capable of bouts of the manic and the depressive. Here, in particular, the eyes and smile of the figure are manoeuvred into shape, expressing the emotions. (A hobo clown of course must be prone to even more extremes of emotion.) The mesmerising colour mixes of the clay work are very much like her sumptuous, heavily textured oil portraits available from her website. The music of Grizzly Bear both supports and is supported by the animation. Indeed so taken were the band with her work that they asked the artist to produce their official video, Ready, Able, selected from their latest album and something to be reviewed here very shortly. Allison has an exhibition of her paintings building upon Hobo Clown at the Mark Moore Gallery, entitled Home for Hobo A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, Allison offers something different and rather lovely.

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April said...

Incredible. I'm an oil painter as well and I clearly could see her appreciation for the sumptuousness of the material.