Thursday, 7 January 2010

Isolda Solodova "Spider" (1994)

Given that the weather meant I missed yesterday’s judging panel for the 2010 British Animation Awards (where one of my co-judges was to have been Joanna Quinn, ironically also beaten by the snow) here is Spider, a basically wintry piece by Isolda Solodova, one of the animators responsible for Alexander Petrov’s 2006 film My Love, about which I intend to write shortly. A product of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio, the short is as atmospheric as one can find. Within a decrepit shack lives a spider that, apart from eating flies, spends most of his time looking at the snow from the window. His world changes when a beautiful young woman moves in, inspiring his big eyed frame with thoughts above his station. Is he a frog in search of a kiss from a princess? Can he spin a silken web beautiful enough to ward off the broom? YouTuber pavlovich74, that remarkable purveyor of quality Russian animation, brought it to my attention as a “little gem”. In its dark way it is, as the wintry landscape and drab interior is introduced to Spring by a shapely, seductive maiden, much admired by our arthropod. Those 90% of women who allegedly suffer from arachnophobia will sympathise with the lady’s plight. Those 100% of men who have desired the unobtainable will have feelings aroused. I prefer spiders to flies.


Joanna Quinn said...

Hi Ian

Sorry to have missed you yesterday...what a bummer , I was really looking forward to it. I spoke to Jayne Pilling and she said you were snowed in too!Great blog and thanks so much for your kind words.How do you know so much about animation????

Joanna (quinn)

Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Joanna,
I looked forward to meeting you and judging. S'no show sadly. As for your question. I'm hopefully not a know-all. I've been an enthusiast of Disney since a kid. Matured somewhat in my tastes. Though I have an English degree I have taught computer based animation for ten years to high school children since we became an arts college. The blog was an accident I've grown to enjoy. Old enough now to lust after Beryl!