Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lucas Martell "Pigeon Impossible" (2009)

Walter is a rather suave if initially incompetent secret agent with the sort of briefcase hardware to destroy continents. When his war machinery is requisitioned by a feral pigeon he is set the task of retrieving said hardware from a bird unlikely to be dissuaded from worldwide mayhem by anything other than a bagel. Lucas Martell’s website lists the growing number of awards the 3D movie Pigeon Impossible has obtained, not the least of which is the number of YouTube hits gleaned in a very short period of time – no less than 3 million since its release in November of last year. That's huge, almost Avatar standard! A very funny premise altogether. One is royally entertained with the director's slick mastery of CG. It is essentially a fun/action film with obvious appeal to a mass audience. Yet for all the tomfoolery with the box of tricks, rockets going off, breathless chase into the sky, the hero of course is the damn bird. And for all that wizardry notice that the pigeon behaves like a pigeon. Without the mess on my windowsill.

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Maja Savic said...

hehhehe... glorious :) Thank you!