Friday, 29 January 2010

Marc Craste "BBC Sport - Winter Olympics" (2010)

Should one be fortunate enough to live in Norway or Switzerland it would be sufficient to view live action coverage of the trophy cabinet to drum up interest in the Winter Olympics. Here in the UK we have a record in the championships akin to that of Kuwait - I'm exaggerating mildly but it's unimpressive. What is needed is something to fire us up for the fray. Fortunately the UK does have animators imbued with Olympian spirit. Studio AKA offered up one of their finest, Marc Craste, plus a Canadian (now living in Los Angeles), the young Jon Klassen who co-designed. Racing against bears and wolves our Olympian competes for his life and to escape the frenetic music before bowling the opposition over. Some very spectacular effects as well as realistic depiction of a number of events set in dramatic terrain are covered in glorious black and white: not a bad choice I feel for BBC Sport: Winter Olympics.

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