Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mark Nute "The I've Spied of Beards" (2007)

Having been stuck in snow digging my car out for a couple of hours yesterday in an ill-advised excursion to the country, what I needed was a robust beard to ward off the cold. Mark Nute's amusing short, The I've Spied of Beards, is just the ticket as Benny and his faithful cameraman Chet go beard spotting, that little known British pursuit for anoraks everywhere. The voice of Kevin Eldon is perfect for the beard collecting zealot whose prime ambition, for 1000 points, is to collect the mythical Beardlaclama with facial hair positively bristling with vigour. In search of this near deity, Chet and Benny tour the globe, cataloguing their expanding collection. Some of the humour is very British, as are some of the famous bearded ones captured and cataloged. Mark was given four months' work at Bradford's National Film Museum as Channel 4 Animator In Residence, from which emerged this little delight featured on the channel's 3 minute wonder slot. It certainly made my classes laugh at Christmas. Best you've shown us, Sir! was one response.

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