Friday, 15 January 2010

Nico Di Mattia "Ham" (2009)

I have been working all day for Adobe at London's Olympia and am dog tired. Maybe as tired as a pig. Whatever, I Ham not entirely sure I like Nico Di Mattia's hand drawn piece albeit I ham impressed. For labouring the point I apologise but pigs is pigs. I know they are intelligent - I've lived on a farm - but they do behave in a reprehensible manner. Here they commence tea and cup cakes with the sweetest cherries on the top, all well mannered, porkies and cakes, and then the pigs just lose it big time. A bit of spit swapping fails to make amends and then they go for the pork chop. I was once bitten by a pig. Nico is an exceptional artist, his talent for portraiture is breathtaking really, particularly viewed as speed painting on YouTube via his website. But I mustn't leave the short without noting the splendid sound effects. Turn up the volume and then apologise to the household. Funny and gross.

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