Friday, 22 January 2010

Rob Shaw "The Machine" (2009)

I'm pleased to see DeK is back again in full swing. However No Fat Clips has a collection of downloads that would make my internet connection implode were I to download the colossal files he has available. Of greatest interest to me is Rob Shaw’s The Machine via Bent Image Lab. Primarily stop motion, featuring a puppet/robot cobbled together from the workshop's detritus it looks rather fetching with half human mask, metallic cogs and timepiece for a heart. A fable for our times, the robot is created Frankenstein-like and then proceeds to destroy a collection of masters, escalating up the masters tree until he goes global. The narrative from Andrea Schuch is succinctly written, delivered with a suitably dispassionate voice. I just have a feeling, when I think of such things, that I’d rather inhabit a state with a strong defence given the might is right gist of the film and mankind’s rapacious tendencies. A paper king versus metallic robot with sickle in hand is no contest. Not that one should take things too seriously. In this accomplished film, Rob is careful to distance audience from bedlam by the use of theatrical drapes, a fairground, nickel arcade and Terry Gilliam-like graphics. For the director's own viewpoint, there is a Vimeo link that I wish I'd read before writing the above, having just Googled prior to clicking the blog's publish button. At least director and I agree it is a fable. Sarah Hulin assisted with the animation leading me as smooth as silk to tomorrow’s short.


loveable_homebody said...

This is like Frankenstein the sequel! Man creates machine. Machine overpowers nature and man. Machine, who is merely a futuristic marionette, dies before he can finishing creating man because there is no more money to fuel him...

What a metaphor.... Thanks for explaining the animation technique! I loved his rapidly ticking heart clock.

loveable_homebody said...

Also, the ominous music is fantastic! I love that it only comes in those pangs of doom.