Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sean Pecknold "While You Wait for the Others" (2009)

Writing about Grizzly Bear a day or so ago reminded me of a previous video for the band -While You Wait for the Others - that I had made brief notes about in September but never got to write up. I wrote at the time: stop motion/intricate/ Jan Å vankmajer/ Brothers Quay. In truth the collection of objects, time pieces, dolls and various replicated images, do not make strictly literal sense but then nor do the lyrics. Concrete nouns, as I learnt at school, are entirely absent, it being left to the director to interpret mood and meaning. Therefore a general theme of waiting for answers is communicated by man garbed in fencing gear, parakeet atop helmet, stroking white rabbit. Compelling visually and culminating in a scrapheap of the discarded detritus of existence, the fencing mask amongst them. Rabbit and bird presumably have fled. Life is like that, the music video a Samuel Beckett drama at speed. The director, Seattle resident Sean Pecknold, is a man known to me for a memorable use of claymation in his White Winter Hymnal, a music video for Fleet Foxes followed by Mykonos, a cut-out piece for the same band. I’m sure I shall write a few words on them. And that review I promised on Friday was delayed because of a spot of trouble with my laptop. I've now bought the diminutive Samsung N220, a thing of beauty and this was my first post using it.

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loveable_homebody said...

I LOVE the Fleet Foxes and Sean did a great video for them!!!