Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sheridan College "Electropolis" (2009)

Ontario's Sheridan College seems to have adopted the group approach with Electropolis. Thirteen students from their excellent Classical Animation program combined to make the 2D piece. Commencing with what I take to be a reference to The Matrix we see a humanoid happy enough until called upon to work for his living. So are we all, but this guy's world is a metal box on a pole directing pedestrian traffic through a set routine of stop start. Such a restricted life style for a guy simply bursting with dance talent can only end one way and he is sent to the municipal scrapheap for an act of exuberant insurrection. But not before he has got the pedestrians gyrating however. One man can bring traffic to a standstill and save the city! The collaboration works very well with something of the hero in the little fellow. I'll go for broke and mention the entire team responsible: Dawnson Chen, Hank Choi, Giorgio Mavrigianakis, Kevin McCullough, Dimas Mohammad, Allison Neil, Adam Pockaj, Dan Seddon, Amanda Stocker, Ki Eun Suh, Adam Trout, Jason Walmsley and Debbie Yu. A team this size is endanger of squashing individuality, ironic given the theme of the piece, but the wonder is that Dan's original idea is kept within a very tight framework. The movie might well have been made, albeit over a longer period, by one animator. In the closing frames one has to fight to resist the urge to at least tap one's foot. And it's refreshing to see drawing skills to the fore, with colour flooding into the people as their tired journey to work becomes something altogether more joyful. A feel good movie to get your feet tapping.

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