Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Steve Harding Hill (Aardman) "Change4Life" & "Start4Life" (2009/2010)

Change4Life is a government sponsored health programme here in the UK to the tune of £270m, designed to change the nation’s food consumption habits - reduce waistline, extend life (my free tagline, the official one being Eat well, Move more and Live longer!) Part of the £75m advertising campaign is the ninety second Change4Life launched last year by M&C Saatchi and directed by Steve Harding Hill of Aardman. The ad takes a light hearted look at mankind’s changing eating habits. At first fruit is knocked from trees before we discover the thrill of smacking woolly mammoths on the head and devouring them. Whilst the hunt absorbed energy such a solution was fine for humankind, if fatal for the mammoth. However when the present generation expend their energies chasing digital nothings on games machines, heart disease strikes. The ad is a balance of education, humour and plasticine lookalike CG. Campaigns develop and the Department of Health is now sponsoring Channel 4’s screening of The Simpsons – a Mission Impossible perhaps. The latest development of the campaign is aimed at young mothers. Start4Life has one of the shiny little characters rolled up, shaped and sent off on the journey of life. The campaign has been criticised for its generous use of taxpayers' money for a private company. If a publicly owned British bank can fund Kraft's take-over of our glorious Cadbury's chocolate anything goes. In any case the little guys and guyesses are awfully cute. Steve is one of those Royal College of Arts people, graduating in 1995. He joined Aardman in 1999.

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