Monday, 4 January 2010

Wyld Stallyons & Bob Staake "Struwwelpeter: The Story of the Thumb Sucker" (2008)

A couple of posts last year have highlighted rhymed verse. Here's another: Struwwelpeter: The Story of the Thumb Sucker with a fabulous Tom Waites track and the voice of Donovan Christian-Cary. Warnings by parents to children are, to my certain knowledge, often ignored by their offspring. They should ignore mummy or daddy's intructions at their peril. Take the simple directive not to suck one's thumb. Because "the Great Tall Tailor always comes to little boys who suck their thumbs." The problem with youth today solved in a couple of snips. Chris Sayer, Jason Arber, Alex Amelines and James Wignall from Wyld Stallyons made the short for Bob Staake. They're right, you know, children should listen.


Kimberly said...

I stumbled on to your site sometime in the latter part of 2009, and have lost myself within it for many, many entertaining hours since then.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort it must take you to find, share, and write about these gems of the animation realm. Your dedication to this immensely varied art form, and your appreciation of its artists, is obvious.

Although I'm still working my way through your 2007 posts, I'd like to wish you & yours a Happy New Year, 2010!

Ian Lumsden said...

What a lovely comment, Kimberley. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed a short break from writing to concentrate on my paid work. However I have returned refreshed.