Saturday, 20 February 2010

Anton Octavian "My Friend Is A Cloud" (2009)

I certainly do not understand all the animated shorts I write about. I misunderstand as much as I understand. I seemingly misunderstood My Friend Is A Cloud from Romanian director Anton Octavian. This is what I thought at first....... High above a floating city an aeroplane drops a parcel for a young musician. It contains a puppy who becomes a companion. In a city devoid of humans the pianist performs for an auditorium of robots. Time passes and the boy meets a fellow human being allowing him to parcel up his past and move on. The film is a statement of loneliness and the need for relationships. Well that's what I thought. I was assisted in this view by the melancholic, haunting music of Brandon Visel, the prevalence of surveillance cameras in a city and a definite coldness of atmosphere. I was not sure though and sought the explanation of Anton himself. "My Friend Is A Cloud is a film about childhood, dreams and music. I built the script of this film from my own experiences. I say this because I have been drawing since I was 4 years and am still drawing. In My friend Is A Cloud the little boy dreams, imagines the future that he would like to have in the future. Dreams that will become a famous pianist among robots on an floating island created in his imagination. The film is divided into 3 phases. The first stage is where he discovers music and friendship, the second is the passage of time where the little boy is more mature, more responsible, it becomes more serious and sad. And finally the third stage is that of awakening from the dream, waking up to reality. In this film I wanted to use the concept that... what we do when we are young, those things will influence our future." Made with Anime Studio and Photoshop, the atmospheric piece is clearly drawn, has delicious colouring and a textured finish. And, yes, of course, I can see how the explanation fits. The boy was waving to himself. But, you know, somehow it still seems first and foremost to be about friendship and loneliness. I misunderstood all of Shakespeare's plays or that's what my students used to tell me when I taught English Literature. They were wrong.

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