Monday, 15 February 2010

Borivoj Dovnikovic "Learning To Walk" (1978)

Unless one is a Tissa David, the most difficult task for budding (or seasoned) animators is to draw a figure that walks in a natural fashion. There's always someone to help but unless you can visualise the cycle your guy's got a wooden leg. Learning To Walk, Borivoj Dovnikovic's 1978 short, takes one young fellow, striding along with an occasional skip of sheer joy, and subjects him to expert scrutiny. Before one can say Jumping Jackrabbit, the little chap has sprouted wooden legs, arms and trunk. There's a lesson here. An amusing little piece from one of the originators of the Zagreb School of Animation and a faltering step towards placating one of my most learned correspondents who reminds me of a deficiency in my coverage here. (Would there were only one.) So then, director, cartoonist and book illustrator "Bordo" has 50 years experience in the business and is a founder of Zagreb's great animated film festival. Much more about him and Yugoslavian animation to come when I get into my stride.


Maja Savic said...

Ah very nice! I am going to "steal" this from you an post it on my blog as well!

Thank you for reminding me of this!

Maja Savic said...

oh yeah, and his name is Borivoj, not Borivij... it`s misspelled on youtube :(

Ian Lumsden said...

Thank you, Maja. My fault not Youtube's because I had the correct spelling available when I did my research - so like George Orwell I can change history. So Borivoj it is!