Wednesday, 17 February 2010

David Clayton & Andrew Silke "Cane Toad: What Happened to Baz?" (2002)

In a rich tradition of Australian cultural events, inspired doubtless by that great epitome of a great country, Cultural Attaché Sir Les Patterson, Daz (Dazza to his mates) pauses awhile from the hectic circuit of academic engagements to make a heartfelt plea for the return of his best mate Baz, "because, pickle me grandma, the silly old bugger has gone bloody missing." Cane Toad: What Happened to Baz? has the guy's conjectures and hypotheses on the whereabouts of the elusive toad. Daz has a fertile imagination, drank too much of the bottled nectar and been watching too many horror films. Cane toads have a persecuted life and every gory moment is explored in glorious detail in a hilarious film that I first saw on the internet years ago and just stumbled on via YouTube. David Clayton and Andrew Silke hit a funny bone or two, though lovers of toads may not agree. The mobile features of the toads make for glorious animation. Paul Davies does the voice. Every fear of Daz is justified, by the way, though he does not go far enough.


Pavlovich said...

This is an old favorite, although it does get a little gory at times. The dialogue is side splitting.
I loved the story of how it got made, which can be found here...

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks again Pavlovich,

An old favourite indeed. I remember years ago being sent the link. Thanks for your link. Interesting article, particularly on the facial expressions. I referred to "mobile features" so I was some way there. And I don't think any animals were hurt in the making of it.

Andrew Silke said...

Ha! Reading thru that article brings back memories. I forgot about that link. ;)