Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins "A Film About Poo" (2009) & "The Psychiatrist" (2007)

A veritable cornucopia of films today and such subjects. Let's commence with A Film About Poo. They have competitions for anything these days and Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins gained second place in the animated films section of 2009's Golden Poo Award. From making pies to filling in crossword rhyming matches for "word", the piece speeds along with a cheery mixture of well drawn images and stop motion animation. Very catching it all is too, and would be if you failed to wash your hands after visiting the loo, the laudable point of the campaign. The girls' work was selected in first place by the jury. It was however reduced to second place by the cinema audience who voted for Dancing In The Loo by Delphine Mandin, obviously preferring the pulsating beat, kids' animals and simple animation to the more complex rival - I'm with the jury but we live in a democracy and there is a charm in the winning entry. No competition this time and Emily's solo piece, The Psychiatrist, gains first place in my own competition for choosing the great Roger McGough whose wit is used to great effect here, the voice also being that of Liverpool's bard. Wearing a toucan on/in his head, naturally, cheery Roger is asked by cheery Neil whether or not he's afraid. Of course he is. Cue bout of introspection in the psychiatrist's chair. Roger's afraid of anything and everything, the stream of fears bursting out like the dam's collapsed, except the fears are more surreal: "I'm afraid of discovering a dead hand in my overcoat pocket... I'm afraid of being left under the stairs after the party like an umbrella full of sick..." The movement from banter to therapy is managed wonderfully as we zoom into eyes of man and toucan. Asking the patient whether or not he ever imagines being anything or anybody launches a further string of impossible images. "Is there anything wrong with me do you think?" Nonsense old boy. An assured act from performer and director.

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Anne said...

I'm so excited! Poo and The Psychiatrist are our films! My boyfriend just found your blog and showed me this post, I am so excited that you like them! Ahhh, thank you! I will tell Emily.