Friday, 12 February 2010

Eugene Fedorenko "Every Child" (1979)

Every Child directed by Eugene Fedorenko was the 1979 Academy Award winner, Canada’s contribution to UNESCO’s International Year of the Child. Every child has a right to a nationality and a name. The young infant featured in the six minute clip finds herself passed rapidly from house to house as for various reasons she is deemed superfluous. She is unable to supplant the family dog, gets in the way of business, stands between husband and wife, or is simply one too many. Abandoned completely she does however find a home in the most unlikely of communities. Sparingly drawn throughout with delicate colouring, Every Child has some interesting features notably the mimed sounds from Les Mimes Electriques. Indeed I guess they are the guys in the live action footage that binds the animated section together, two men in a recording studio miming the sounds as a grinning Sophie Cowling sits on a knee. There is also a mini opera as wife pleads with unrelenting husband to retain the child. Light, amusing, engaging, the short demonstrates how sledge hammers need not be used to hammer home a point. The link is to the NFB though a YouTube version is available. Eugene made the excellent Village of Idiots in 1999. Sadly there is no version freely available on the web.

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