Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jae Hee Jung "Little Dark Corners" (2009) & "Handmade" (2007)

My own animation students are presently applying the finishing touches to their films. Once again I marvel at the difference music makes to a work. Had I not been whisked away by friends I had intended to feature three shorts that make best use of their musical support. Those responsible for the sound on Jae Hee Jung's atmospheric 3D piece, Little Dark Corners (64mb), Matthew Thomas and Leonardo Barragon, have done a stunning job. We move upwards from the cellar to enter the room where the old lady (pig?) and baby pigs seem frozen in a time warp watching a flickering television set, the music and gently wafting seeds making for a spell-binding few minutes. A room full of curiosity, mystery, strange objects at once familiar and not so. And then the Korean director, furthering her studies at the estimable Vancouver Film School, lets us into her little dark secrets. Or certainly the mysteries of how a confidently crafted, haunting film has been fashioned. Jae Hee's earlier drawn animation, Handmade, has a more social message as the woman beavers away in a small factory - sweatshop is a better term - despite injury and pregnancy. There is effective use of colour to add impact to an essentially monochrome and beautifully drawn piece. The sound engineering by the director herself and Eric Oyun Kwon works here too. The director casts a striking presence as a visit to her website will testify. Much much more from VFS and some more musically uplifting works to come.

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