Friday, 5 February 2010

John Schnall "Goodnight Norma Goodnight Milton" (1988)

Forget age when it comes to this or so many animations. What's 22 years between a loving couple. Goodnight Norma Goodnight Milton demonstrates in acerbic fashion how love for one another can survive even a gruelling evening with house guests you loathe. Not that the visitors would have noticed. Their charming hosts are very models as they wave goodbye at the front door. The acid is unleashed the moment of their departure. "I despise, I abhor those two..." Instantly Norma and Milton begin to disrobe, verbally, physically. And what is that? A clothes peg tucking in the skin under the wig, pinching the face tight in those DIY days before Botulinum toxin. Vitriol continues as tie is removed unleashing pent up fury and walloping dollops of body fat, oozing out unrestrained. It goes on. Norma takes the hammer and cracks the porcelain veneer over her face. Enough. There is a macabre fascination watching the drama unfold. Hypocrisy is not just skin deep. New Jersey's John Schnall is a very experienced director in film and television, skilled enough to employ the very talented Ilona Gulaski and Peter Shawn who expertly provide the voices. In contrast to one of the critics on IMDb who criticises both the animation style and colouring (a little rough and the coloring is simple) I found it fluid whilst the lurid orange, yellow and purple is perfectly apt for the subject matter.

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John Schnall said...

Hi, I just came across this and thanks for the nice comments on my film.

I just wanted to correct one thing: the very talented actress who played Norma is named Ilona Dulaski:


john schnall