Friday, 19 February 2010

Moo-hyun Jang "Alarm" (2009)

Alarm is a remarkable piece of work. With a precision of imagery that is, well ... remarkable, director Moo-hyun Jang mounts a ferocious attack on that most fiendish of torture devices, the alarm clock. Guy sets his alarms (sound system, mobile phone, straight-forward, bog standard alarm clock) for 7.00am. Work. It is possible to waive the first call, of course, a submergence under the quilt or cushion works after a fashion but modern devices have snooze alarms, spawn of the devil. And these alarm clocks in the apartment are irrepressible. The humorous short is a masterly use of CG technology, the sheer detail of the objects in the apartment taking one's breath away. Surely that is real, as in actual, material, metal, plastic, chrome.... Only the central character himself is artificial, though possessing a naturalistic movement - some of it very funny - but with the skin texture of a child's plastic doll. This is a deliberate and effective style choice. Our guy looks most stylish with gloriously spiked 3D hair that fairly pulses with life. Truly. His simple facial features are capable of great expression, though the range here moves from yawning to unadulterated rage at the alarms. I do get complaints that I feature too little 3D. I heeded the alarm. Moo-hyun's website has a huge HQ download plus lots of extras.

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