Saturday, 13 February 2010

Plastic Horse "Strange Things" (Bias & River Nelson 2010)

I guess any animation studio worth their fee would welcome a track as rich in urban criminality as Strange Things. Plastic Horse made the official video for rappers Bias & River Nelson. Now I have to confess this is not normally to my musical taste though I actually enjoyed the piece. How much of this was a consequence of the animation, how much the more musical interludes, I'm not so sure. Scratching his head, stirring the cream, the guy with the hood unleashes all sorts of urban anxieties, headache inducing murders, recorded on the mobile for posterity, discarded syringes and yes, close-ups of the morning's breakfast. Spare me that. The animators are not frighted to get up close and dirty to faces of nightmare or just faces absorbing the world's nightmares as best they can. Green goo spewed from mouths is not for the squeamish though the comic book gore comes and goes in cheerful fashion, as dictated by the lyrics, and I couldn't take the rounded men too seriously. Toby's bill comes to only $10, for breakfast, pudding and two coffees. That's strange. David Gilbert and Maxim Lucas are talented, prolific and highly varied in their style.

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