Sunday, 21 February 2010

Raul Szkraba "Yo Belerofonte" (2007)

One of the most intriguing videos sent to me in the past weeks has been that of Raul Szkraba, an animator from North Patagonia, Argentina whose experimentation in animation is unlike anything I have ever come across. Sadly none of his full works is available on-line. However in 2007 he adapted images from his Yo Belerofonte to a wonderful track by Nina Simone, I Get Along Without You Very Well and it is this that I thought might serve as a good introduction to his work. Here one gets a flavour of his style, the sketches, abstract use of colour, cut-outs. In his other work one is as likely to see live documentary footage and always there is the manipulation of sound, voices and occasional cacophony. Add to this his reference to myth and legend. Yo Belerofonte is an adaptation of the story of Bellerophon slaying the Chimera. Raul uses just the right imagery to set off the song. Something about the reclining woman blowing the leaf into the air sums up the mood magically. Raul's major work, the 42 minute Saturnales (two minute trailer) transposes elements of the story of Promethesus into a modern setting. If you enjoy challenging material take a look. In the DVD I have there are English subtitles but the essence of the piece is here.

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