Monday, 22 March 2010

Ami Lindholm "The Year I Cut My Hair" (2008)

27 year old Ami Lindholm made her graduation film, The Year I Cut My Hair, whilst at Finland’s Turku Arts Academy. Deploying a wide variety of styles, from thickly daubed paint, simple pencil sketches or sophisticated illustration, the film uses the metaphor of cutting one’s hair to follow different characters at crossroads in their lives. One crossroads is the onslaught of children where the rapidly burgeoning family is graphically shown to prise apart the two partners. Characters are dragged down by their heavy or long hair, discard their skins, assume new roles, argue and change personality. I have never seen such a diverse mix of styles in one short film. It works well enough though. Ami’s website shows a similar range of still or animated work from a skilled artist.

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