Saturday, 20 March 2010

Antoine Arditti "Yulia" (2009)

Yulia is both fun in its own right and an interesting example of rotoscoping. Yulia is transported by an unexplained electric discharge to a room somewhere in nowhere where the only escape appears to be by five levers embedded in the wall. One is to a heart but seems stuck. Pulling on a further lever teleports an armchair into the room much to the distress of its owner, an unkempt individual who promptly berates his downtrodden wife for the loss. Events take their course and rather unexpectedly that heart shape lever delivers romance. Antoine Arditti stages the mix of 2D and 3D somewhat stylishly in a monochrome, flickering world. I have no direct experience myself of rotoscoping though I read it was printed out onto paper and traced with pencil, accounting both for the hand drawn look, which I love, and something of the fluidity of movement when Yulia freaks out with her martial arts or gets the lever to budge. I enjoyed the moments of pure zany humour. The film has enjoyed considerable success on the festival circuit and may also be viewed from the dedicated website.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog and I like it very much!
Tomorow ends Monstra Festival here in Lisbon. Visit:

Great films!
Some of them you've already talk about it in your blog


Ian Lumsden said...

I have just had a look and your featured films are special, as is the sunshine as I remember my visits to your capital. I useed to write up the festivals but simply have not got the time. That may change in the coming months however.