Monday, 8 March 2010

Candy Kugel & Vince Cafarelli "Ooh I Love My Coffee" (2008)

In Candy Kugel and Vince Cafarelli one has two of the top professionals around, worked in the business for decades. Frankly, what they don’t know about animation ….. Their offering for Marc Black is an object lesson for wannabees. Ooh I Love My Coffee is served with style and humour, an animated version of one of those exquisite sidewalk cafés where someone on the staff has the pizzazz and talent to illustrate their menus in the traditional manner - I pay more for coffee in joints like this. In concert with Rick Broas from New York’s Buzzco, the various coffee blends are paraded for our delectation. Against a black backdrop (board) the swirls of foam coalesce as a moustache, deftly humorous as the light-hearted lyrics dictate a playful mood. Coffee liberates the senses and libido. Tea quenches thirst. There is a difference. The piece ends in a flourish as our guy basks in a bath of coffee or slurps at his man-size iced extravaganza. Great drawing skills, exhuberant design and a funny song. What more could one ask for? Sake? Chocolate? Ooh I love my coffee.

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