Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ghislain Avrillon "Galileo" (2009)

Galileo challenged the world view and was vindicated although he had to take hard knocks from contemporaries. Galileo, the film from Ghislain Avrillon, has a small boy pursuing his passion of flight, leaping off a floating island, his steam propulsion machine lacerating the sky, plummeting to the ground and attracting the attention of a pretty young girl and her butterflies. Not to be deterred by defeat, inspired, watched over by his new girl, he returns to the drawing board before launching himself into another gravity defying feat. The flat backgrounds of sky island and workshop, together with the Flash animation, are subtly integrated in a gentle world of soft colour and cute figures. The skilled use of the Adobe software is complemented by a soothing soundtrack of Isabelle Dorange’s voice and the music of Gildas Le Goff. A nice weekend piece before the maelstrom of work. Ghislain graduated from L’Ecole Pivaut.

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