Saturday, 27 March 2010

Katie Armstrong "Goodbye Sorrow" (2009)

Goodbye Sorrow is full of references to blue though strangely the colour does not predominate in Katie Armstrong’s sad little movie about coping with sorrow. The first impression is the arts and craft look, the split screen with the hand drawn images, textile for the eiderdown, the plaintive unaccompanied cover of a song, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" , totally unknown to me (by Euro band Eiffel 65 as it happens). Katie’s tuneful voice and the images of loneliness are ideally suited to each other. Lying in the bath, cloud centred over the head, gazing at the birds in the sky, digging a hole for oneself, allowing autumn leaves to flutter down on oneself. We’ve all been there. "Blue are the words I say and what I think. Blue are the feelings that live inside me. I'm blue da ba dee da-ee dabba dee-a dabba dea da ba dee dabba da..." Moronic lyrics but positively sage-like in the SVA student’s hands. For the record, Katie made thousands of ink and water colour paintings, scanned into the computer and animated in Flash. A word or two about the link - telegraph21 is a video magazine featuring the best documentaries, films and art videos from around the world. It has some interesting articles, interviews and material one cannot obtain elsewhere. Lucky people, the team divide their time between Barcelona and New York: Spain for work, NY for play, or something like that. I must speak to management about a twin base for the Animation Blog.

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