Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kristina Marie Hofmann "Breakfast" (2009)

I hope the following film is able to be viewed outside the UK as it is on the BBC’s website.

Breakfast directed by Royal College of Art student Kristina Marie Hofmann takes a well trodden path by a different route. The theme is mankind exploiting animals for food. The means is a stop motion film ostensibly aimed at children. It features one of those cubed picture puzzles, the rotation of which form an image. The cubes lay on a table in a child’s room, surrounded by stuffed toys. James Manning’s voice-over is warm and inviting as he tells the tale of Harriet, Elliot and Arthur who live in a picturesque farm, an enticing farmyard idyll where Harriet the Hen scratches for insects in the soil. Of course she doesn’t. A reshuffling of the blocks and Harriet is seen cramped with 50,000 pals in a windowless shed. Shedding weight and feathers she manages to squeeze out one last egg. Mirko Beutler’s close photography and Tobias Eiving’s attractive music underscore a hard hitting satire tracing the real lives of hen, pig and cow. The blocks themselves are particularly well crafted, with clever animation from Kristina, Page Tsou and Ulrika Axen. Kristina was inspired by the horror of a little girl when confronted with the reality of killing a caught fish. One of my daughters asked me if chicken was really chicken and has not eaten meat since. Neither has her mother. Kristina’s shared website is here. The farmyard and nature sounds, by the way, come from the music player conveniently stored on the nursery shelves.

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