Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Linde Faas "Vogel" (2007) & Alban Lelièvre "Do Penguins Fly?" (2006)

Continuing the theme of birds from yesterday are two movies completely different in style and tone. I suppose they share more than this for the birds are invisible to unknowing eyes. Linde Faas’s Vogel is quite extraordinarily interesting. I wrote about her style yesterday and that drawing ability is again to the fore. Linde features a boy and his pet bird, Tommie, who fell from the sky, hurt his wing and was nursed back to full health. You can see him flying around, drinking from the glass, perched on the little boy’s shoulder. The adult questioning the boy is unable to see the bird. But we can, can’t we? The conclusion is both apt and novel. Vogel is a most unusual short from an animator with a gift. The link is to a subtitled version. Director Alban Lelièvre asks another question in the funny Do Penguins Fly? (42mb via Computer Arts). It’s not a find as approximately 2,000,000 hits on YouTube since 2006 testifies. I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time. Quick summary: guy with camera wishes to photograph penguins flying but the darn things don’t do it on camera. There are few surprises about the plot but the cock crow is and I’m sure that was not a penguin at the end. Fabrice Senia animated the accomplished 3D piece.

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