Saturday, 6 March 2010

Naoki Mitsuse "Invisible Again" (2010)

I picked up a nasty virus. Only just picking up the reins. So where was I? Ah yes, the story so far. The (invisible) President of fast food giant, the Tattoo Company, has been caught out boosting profits at the expense of the environment by discharging noxious substances into the ocean (Invisible 3). In Naoki Mitsuse’s latest instalment of his saga of big business and SM attired chimpanzees, Invisible Again, the president has to appear, admittedly difficult in his case, before judge and jury. Naturally he hires a hot shot lawyer whose film star looks are pitted against the more earthy charms of the District Attorney who is a pig. Fantasies abound, not the least being that of the blonde jury member or a judge who has ambitions and a busy schedule. Money can buy most things. Naoki has been commissioned for at least one further series by Tateyama Brewing, the Japanese Sake company that bears no relation to Tattoo above. I wrote at some length about Naoki’s style here. Entirely without dialogue his narrative style never falters, full of whimsical asides (the microphone being thrust into the baby’s face, the judge on her surfboard), insouciance and a refreshingly bold use of Flash. And before I was ill I intended to feature three movies where sound was of the essence. Sunday Mitsuru registers just the right mood with his mix of light jazz that speeds everything along without taking itself too seriously. Questions linger. Who is the mysterious beauty and why has the invisible president a set of glasses with three lens? Meanwhile Naoki made a very distinctive commercial for Tateyama blending his particular style of animation with the music of the Greek singer, Anna Vissi. The music reminds me of summer and the images were used on this year’s company calendar. I’ve never tasted sake. But I will now. Make me feel better.

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