Monday, 29 March 2010

Rob Shaw "I’m Impressed" & "Computer Assisted Design" ( 2007 & 2008 - They Might Be Giants)

Rob Shaw recreated Rome in paper for I’m Impressed, a 2007 music video for They Might Be Giants. It features a Rome peopled by robots, gladiatorial combat in an unforgiving arena and an historically novel means of disposing of the losers, though ultra modern given the need to hide evidence - no war crimes here. Kings and emperors had little going for them in bygone days save baths, concubines and entertainment in full 3D. Must have been hell. Short lived though. When the robots attack their master it is a case of thumbs down and Et tu, Brute? The pulsating track, humour and sheer novelty of the paper chariots and combat make for a striking video, particularly as the paper guys battle with lighted matchsticks. Rob also made Computer Assisted Design, for the same band: "See how you get from a thought to an object" sings the child and the video does exactly that, varying between 3D computer modeling of dinosaurs and stop motion figures made out of cork, magnifying glass for eyes, wielding an HB pencil. Again the fresh inventiveness of the piece is what makes for compelling video, a child’s guide to animation techniques from a master of the genre. One of the directors at Portland’s Bent Image Lab, I featured Rob’s The Machine in January.

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