Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Steve Smith & Bluna (Beakus) "Stuffed" & MTV (2010)

I featured the work of new studio Beakus a week or so back. A legacy from his time at Trunk, Steve Smith wrote and directed Stuffed, a new mini-series for BBC Comedy Extra. It is an adult cartoon with an unusual premise. Spiky haired "Brat" keeps a static teddy "Bear" in his garden shed, subjecting him to all manner of humiliation. The episode featured in the link has pink Lady Bear Bear introduced to Bear, triggering determined attempts to charm her, as well as introducing his charming abode and displaying his literary knowledge. Meanwhile Brat sticks up rude words on the wall and inflates a condom way beyond bear size. Bear’s accent is pseudo-Russian, Brat’s behaviour strictly adolescent, as is the humour - how long adolescence lasts is debatable. Bear is static though I detected a sigh as Lady Bear Bear is bowled over by the literary exploits. A rule of thumb with adolescents is not to let them have dens, girls, beer, internet.... Adult fun but meanwhile Bluna, the Argentinean collective working with Beakus, have created three idents for MTV that in their full on CG style, decidedly Japanese anime inspired, add a dimension to the new studio. The guys have just moved into their new London premises, a converted pub by the Thames near St.Katherine's Wharf. Heaven indeed: pub and studio.

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