Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Yves Geleyn "La Gaite Lyrique" (2010)

To celebrate the opening of a new Parisian digital arts venue in the historic and completely renovated theatre, La Gaite Lyrique, the artistic director Jérome Delormas commissioned Passion Paris’ Yves Geleyn to make a promotional film (La Gaîté Lyrique) that combines something of the original theatrical location as well as the innovative, visual pyrotechnics promised by the centre. The result is stunning work both in the 3D animation and also the interactive experience. Combining elements of Baroque theatre and stylised Japanese Kabuki dance, Yves commences with the arrival of a mysterious figure into the interior of the vast cathedral-like structure that is flooded with water. The figure carries a luminous box and proceeds to empty the contents into the water, a shimmering cascade. From this moment on magic occurs as flowing shapes of all description are conjured from air and water in magnificent, abstract spectacle, conveying the promise of the new centre, the art, science and sound. Marc Teitler and Bernd Norbert Wuertz created a music and sound design to match. It was an impressive commission to win, but Yves communicates a satisfying sense of wonder revelling in the artistic freedom, as well as working with Studio Grouek to expand the original film interactively. The centre will open at the end of the year.

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tim sanchez said...

Paris is one the rise! A good buddy of mine works shipping cars overseas, which Auto shipping Network, and brought back some cartoon strips from France. Definitely unique.