Monday, 19 April 2010

Carlos Saldanha "Time For Love" (1993)

Hot volcanoes caused me some problems this week but deadlines that had to be met rather more. Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha is one of the biggest commercial directors around with films like the Ice Age trilogy, Robots and Gone Nutty, his latest, Rio, presently in production. However it is his second animated film, Time For Love, that concerns us today. The short is not what I expected. Locked in a prescribed journey, within a little hamlet of cuckoo clocks, boy and girl meet on the hour, not quite every hour, each emerging from their little door to greet each other with a chaste kiss. Watched over by bird, elderly neighbours and red headed temptress the pair discover the road to romance is a precarious one, with twists and turns despite the predetermined route. To rhythmic alpine music the film is a charmer all right. Carlos squeezes delicious humour from the situation. Watch as our jealous heroine fumes and spits her displeasure at her guy though the transformation is equally unsettling as she makes amends with a public display of hot passion. The feelings induced are infectious and elderly neighbour twitches his moustache. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos moved to the School of Visual Arts in New York to emerge with his MA and a golden future: golden past too, innocence merged with something spicier.


Tio Chico said...

Hey, I'm from Southeastern Brazil and I really dig your blog, I'm dropping by to share my new animation with you folks, it's called ALUCINAÇÃO (HALLUCINATION in English) I'd really appreciate if you could take your time to watch it and comment, thanks for your kind attention! Peace of mind, Vitor Pires (Tio Chico) --

Ian Lumsden said...

Hi Tio,

I took a look and particularly enjoyed the first half. It got a little surreal after that. Let us know about any of your other work.