Monday, 12 April 2010

Daniel Bigelow "Bring Yourself" (2010 - Oh My God)

A holiday refreshes the senses and a host of emails offers sensory delights indeed. Then I cleaned out the spam. Some legitimate material got through though. First up was a pointer (thanks Kevin) towards Bring Yourself, a music video for Chicago band, Oh My God, directed by Los Angeles’ Daniel Bigelow. The lyrics bemoan the adversities of life, "Nothing gets any easier", with our hero seeking thrills, escaping life’s tedium or woes to discover himself on the battlefield. I like the clean cut drawing, ink on paper, and as Dan explains, "refined in Photoshop, and then moved in AfterEffects." In a monochrome, cut-out style the mechanical movement succeeds due to the quality of illustration and choice of scenes, wheelchair bound man under a personal cloud, smoke filled poker room, orphans lost in a war zone. Blurred images lend perspective, catchy song and nice to see the band receiving a tip at the close. As ever, animation style suits music.

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