Friday, 30 April 2010

David Prosser "Clockwork" (2009)

To very nearly quote JB Priestley, The Inspectors Called, so I have been preoccupied with my work - and there was a great deal of it - too dog tired to think about anything else, like the father in Clockwork. From chalk face to coal face, here is a very accomplished work from second year RCA student, David Prosser. Set in a mining community, a young boy waits and waits for his dad to arrive from the pit. Amongst the dark terraced houses the miners return, the boy’s seemingly huge father amongst them. Tea is served, dad exhausted and silent at the table as son looks on. A mechanical rowing man is wound up and set on its journey past the adult whose eyes register nothing of toy or child. Life follows a dreary cycle, dad toiling away at the coal seam, taking a bath, body dwarfing the tub, toy chugging past, unnoticed, to join a collection of mechanical travellers making their way along the rows of identical houses. David made the film last year, a mix of hand drawn 2D and 3D scenes rendered in AfterEffects, all composed in monochrome, enlivened by imaginative compositions, the transition of scenes being particularly dextrous. The director is a genuine artist, the film soaked in period atmosphere, sense of place established with a quirky visual style, from round shouldered miner to rowing toy-man in boater, the use of incidental sound effects instead of musical soundtrack adding to it all. This is not a personal blog but I confess something of the relationship between father and son strikes a chord in my own childhood. I look forward to seeing David’s thesis film for his MA, presently being completed. Clockwork won the 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Awards in Beijing. David has an enviable talent.

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