Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hayley Morris "Undone" (2008)

Undone is a striking example of stop motion as well as poignant tribute to John Ronald O’Brien, the late grandfather of director Hayley Morris. John died of Alzheimer’s disease. The film commences with a ball of string that unfurls to reveal an old man adrift on the ocean fishing from a tiny boat, drawing in a series of objects that represents his memories. A trombone, family pictures embedded in a revolving figure on children’s building blocks, a blossom tree held lovingly until the flowers wither in his hands. Mementos are momentarily treasured then lost to the amorphous string that writhes up and stifles object and, ultimately, person. A soundtrack of whispered voices, half remembered, stifled, reverberating sounds submerge us in John’s world. Undone is vividly staged, with rippling material for sea and a tenderly sculptured puppet of the old man, all the more fine when the camera zooms in and a fragile face is revealed, the whole illuminated by subtle lighting. The string enveloping the man is a telling metaphor for the ravages of a horrible disease. A small thing perhaps but I did like the closing credits being so simply chalked on a board. The film was made in 2008 at Rhode Island School of Design. My grandfather was similarly afflicted and I wish I had had the talent and wit to commemorate him in this way.


Rima said...

This is wonderful and poignant.
Happy to have found this animation feast blog :)
Best wishes

animation said...

Great story… I wanna more about John’s world. And that film was really good.
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Ian Lumsden said...

The film is rather wonderful. Touched me anyway.

Víctor Olea said...

I´m reaching out an stop motion of a LETTUCE HUNTING a RABBIT.

I saw it on local tv in stdney.

Any clue?


Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks for the Mexican wave, Victor, No ideas. Not an animation easy to forget though!

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