Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lesley Keen & Keith Hawley "Heart to Heart" (2010)

A most gifted and experienced animator and designer, Lesley Keen has twenty five years in the business. For years I have used her short, The Invitation, with my classes. It is a joyous, fresh piece of work, made in cooperation with musician Keith Hawley, music and animation in perfect harmony. The pair has cooperated once again with their just released Heart to Heart, the link being to Lesley’s new website Total Immersion. The three minute piece is an initially hand drawn love story, the spare quality of which might be judged by the image above. As sad boy and girl exchange hearts, suffering the angst attendant on such matters, love’s lows and highs, moving from dark clouds to rainbows and smiles, the bespoke music accentuates the changing moods. Keith’s composition is initially less melodious than in The Invitation, more obviously synthesized, heavy with the weight of all the gloom, but with a glimmer of optimism even here. Watch though as the tone lightens, the melody imposes itself to match the lyrical beauty of the figures dancing at times with the beauty of an Erica Russell choreography, and always with Lesley’s eye for colour and design. Those who value genuine drawing ability - and I get a few comments to that effect - will greatly enjoy the three minute or so film; those who appreciate a composer’s skill will also revel in the art behind the music. I should add that in order to fully appreciate the piece on a full screen I had to download the film using one of those nefarious bits of software I can scarcely do without. Keith’s soundcard blew up in production so the final film – this is a highly compressed form suitable for streaming - has a smoother, richer sound and, as for the visuals, as I say, judge the final quality by the illustration above. The images below show the process.

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Gurdonark said...

Thanks for the link and discussion of "heart to heart". It's a really charming film, with a delicate grace I admire.