Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Markus Wende “The Animator’s Way of Surviving the Crisis” (2009)

In these times of financial woes what is an animator to do? Work thin on the ground, digital skills rendered superfluous; it takes a real pencil to make ends meet. So to Markus Wende, whose amusing "The Animator’s Way of Surviving the Crisis" takes a wry look at how an animator could survive the harsh realities of the recession. Take a flip book and a crowd of hungry people and they will crave entertainment, particularly if a cooked chicken appears to be steaming on a rotisserie. Pencils are very sharp therefore make a fierce weapon that wild animals may possibly be skewered by. Or not. Rabbits jump out of traps and animator and partner are forced to stew snails on a campfire. But they survive, or at least the diners do. A crisp drawing style and fluid animation are key ingredients in Markus’ survival armoury with, as with yesterday, excellent translation from Jakob Schmidt, the odd expletive not being deleted. There is also accomplished voiced dialogue from Elli Fritze and Matthias Ransberger. Living now in Berlin, Markus graduated in 2000 from HFF "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam, Babelsberg, This is his fifth film.

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Lrc said...

All of the digital tools can't replace talent and skilled use of imagery...glad to see that some artists are getting that right!