Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tobias Stretch "Gig" (2010 Brian Goss)

Six weeks of puppet building, five of filming and the inimitable Tobias Stretch is back with his latest music video, Gig, for Brian Goss. Tobias once sent me photographs of him at work, in his workshop, lashing puppets and camera to his truck, filming high up on a crane. The result in this instance is a quite extraordinary film, Tobias’ hands almost freezing off in the clear light and Philadelphia snow. There is a narrative here, an old man’s memories of "Gig", holding her hand, drinking in the bar, talking of cars and pa. In the video, the old man is old indeed, age and smoke induced lines on his face and a walking frame for support, whilst the girl is perpetually young, a doll in cowgirl dress. As ever there is the usual gadgetry to catch the eye, in particular a vehicle both old and new, a kind of luna landing automobile with see-through bonnet and gleaming bodywork and wings. The "bungalow" of the song seems purpose built too, a wooden shack that, bearing in mind the size of the puppets themselves, must be some size. And then a moment of beauty to signify the warmth of memories, a fusion of flowers, sharp colours. Nor have I mentioned the touch of mystery in the green man, emerging from the snow, peeling off his mask to accompany the old man on his last journey. Vimeo is a good vehicle for Tobias’ film, the resolution doing justice to the sharp camerawork; and the music is exactly to my tastes, something about the rolling beat and the suggestion of a road song – though I’m no music critic. But I do appreciate work of this quality, song and animated film. Just maybe this is my favourite from Tobias.

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Brain said...

Very interesting. What do you think of the animation on this video?