Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vladimir Popov "Bobik visits Barbos" (1977)

The choice of animated films is large and time limited. At first glance Bobik visits Barbos appears simply a well made cartoon for children, the two dogs let loose in the home and wrecking the joint. Left in charge of the house, Barbos invites his friend Bobik for tea. And much else. Two cute dogs, emptying the fridge, knocking pots off tables, spilling a noxious red substance over the floors. Writers Nikolai Nosov and Mikhail Libin (screenplay), and director Vladimir Popov give the piece a charm that draws one in. Bobik lives in an outside kennel and is treated badly. He views the broom as something with which he is beaten. Barbos revels in the role of host. Talking himself up, he can imagine a revolution, with him as master. Of course, like Cinderella, the clock strikes ... six and the master returns to a horror show. What will he do? Someone’s been sleeping in his bed. Soyuzmultfilm vintage 1977, and a fine one it is, immaculately translated by Julia. A tale of dogs but also of very human fallibility. A particularly marvellous ending too.

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