Thursday, 13 May 2010

Aardman (Wallace and Gromit) "Back the Bid 2018" (npower 2010)

Big soccer game. Packed house. Gromit is selling pies behind the counter in a "Pies Winning Small Business". His partner, involved in a higher tech form of distribution, asks, "Need a hand, Gromit? These pies are going to fly off the shelves, lad." We’re back in the inimitable hands of Wallace whose decidedly military looking contraption fires pies across the npower soccer stadium. It is all part of the power company’s" Back the Bid 2018’ campaign for England to host the FIFA World Cup™. Whereas last night a 30 second ad went out in the UK (available here on YouTube) the initial link is to a 40 second version of the commercial. Seconds are money. Keep clicking on this first link and there’s a background video with explanations of campaign and production material. The use of the Aardman characters for commercial purposes works well, enhancing product and characters. Touches of humour abound, though perhaps a bit parochial to the UK. I particularly liked the name of the pie stall: "WA™G’S PIES" (acronym for wives and girlfriends of star soccer players) and the football commentator in his sheepskin coat who reminded me of someone known to BBC sports viewers the world over. I’m a cynical beast having endured a recent interminable election campaign but, by crikey, I trust W&A – I’ll vote for them. And the only opportunity I will have to attend one of the World Cup matches (or, to be truthful, be allowed to attend) is if England are hosts. So the multi-national Animation Blog is backing the national campaign. And in case I forget, there’s a competition to win free home energy until 2018.

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