Monday, 17 May 2010

Catherine Hicks "Wild Dogs" (2010)

From Ringling College of Art and Design’s Department of Computer Animation comes Wild Dogs – the 2009 thesis film of Catherine Hicks. Set in a desert, two wild dogs squabble over a bone, a tussle rendered seemingly superfluous by the discovery of the massive bleached carcass of some long dead dinosaur. Bones a-plenty indeed though I've seen and owned wilder dogs. A desert is a boon for animators whose allocation of time for the backgrounds benefits from a blue sky and the odd sparse plant. But Catherine’s characters are engagingly animated in 3D with the great benefit of excellent music from Chris Haigh and sound design by Charles Vallely. Comic timing and characterisation in an appealing piece from, as is obvious from Catherine's website, a talented young woman.

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Distorteddogma said...

I love Cat's work. It's always so full of life. *sigh* to see through such young eyes again. She has a Blog in Blogspot as well as her website.

Be Well.