Friday, 7 May 2010

Jeff Scher "The Shadow's Dream" (2009)

The Shadow’s Dream is not an animation and has no right in the Animation Blog. But as the director is the esteemed animator, Jeff Scher, I asked management’s permission and was granted my wish. Strolling the streets of New York Jeff holds his camera upside down catching the shadows of passers-by caught for a fleeting moment in silhouette, going about their business in particularly bright sunlight. Thus a shadow distributes advertising cards, a wheelchair wheels by, a pigeon pecks, stilettos, trainers, mother and child, briefcase bearer. As usual the original music of Shay Lynch lends an urgency to proceedings already apparent in the brightness and dark, the vibrancy of city life. And as usual Jeff poetically conveys intentions and depth in his own description. The title echoes Pindar, a parallel world, a fleeting moment, a metaphor for life. The latter link is to The New York Times, for whom Jeff works, but it might be noted the initial reference is to a special compilation, Best of Times, 14 of the director’s films available on the iPhone App Store for, as I am informed, less than a pack of New York cigarettes, or £6.99 here in the UK where the pound continues its inexorable descent against the mighty dollar as we seek financial and political accommodation. The blurb always speaks of Jeff being an experimental filmmaker. Well he is I suppose although I’ve watched some desperately dull experimental films in my time and Jeff’s films never fall into that category.


anik said...

Beautiful and inspiring work! Thank you for posting (and bending the rules!)

Ian Lumsden said...

Jeff makes some marvellous films and is a good man as well. A good rule breaker.