Monday, 17 May 2010

Luke Whittaker & Katherine Bidwell (State of Play) "Moustique" (2010)

Moustique from Luke Whittaker and Katherine Bidwell’s company State of Play is a simple but very effective campaign film informing the inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of Congo about malaria prevention. Using a voice-over, the husband of a young woman who died of malaria explains what he can do to prevent the same tragedy happening again to his new young family. Clear graphics, a catchy song and even a smidgeon of humour communicate a basic message: remove stagnant water, wear suitable clothes in the evenings, cover beds with mosquito nets and seek help immediately from a doctor – should the people be lucky enough to live near one. Over a million deaths a year occur from malaria which is particularly prevalent in Africa where a child dies from the disease every 30 seconds. As for the Democratic Republic of Congo, in less than five years, more than 3 million people have died from preventable and treatable diseases. Luke and Katherine are graduates of the animation department at University of Bournemouth. Their beautifully composed film may be viewed in in French here.

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