Sunday, 2 May 2010

Malika Whitaker "You and Me" (2007) & "Lettin' Go" (2008)

Today a French animator, Malika Whitaker, whose work is very much grounded in her talent as an artist, and one with a reflective view of life. You and Me is the first work featured here. The hand drawn look throughout traces the lyrics of UK songwriter Jono McCleery as young man discovers himself by a tree that grows vigorously at times, requires climbing, offers a great vantage point, generally exudes wisdom and offers an excuse for good old tree hugging. Whether it is young lad looking forward or older man looking back I’m not sure but a tree requiring climbing offers a good metaphor for growing up. A treat to see drawn animation of this quality. A year later, Malika made Lettin’ Go a rather romantic - well they all are I think, given her choice of studio name, Living Heart - rotoscoped piece set on a sea shore as girl finally lets go of her guy to a lush piano score from Alexander Vernon-Kell. I first saw it at Bradford last year. The delicacy of it struck me then, the girl discarding shoes, tears streaming down her face, lost at sea, reaching out for the air. Not dissimilar in theme is Self Acceptance to a music score by Oliver Seager. As I said, Malika is a genuine artist, her video portfolio - including rotoscoping - demonstrates a versatility whilst her myspace drawings are, to repeat myself, quality.


Lrc said...

I love hand drawn animation...this is beautiful work. It is good to know that there is a place for it in animation that not all of it is 3-d modelling.

malika whitaker said...

i am very very happy to read such an article about my work, honoured and proud that ssometimes it gets recognition by profesionnal.
thank you a lot for the time spent writing it.