Monday, 3 May 2010

Onur Tukel "Books are Like Puppies" (2010) & "Steps of Another Man’s House" (2008)

Have you ever wondered how much dogs are like puppies? Well I haven’t either but as my family await delivery of a brown Labrador puppy, presently ensconced in its mum’s womb, here’s a delightful treatise on the dog/book similarities from animator, children's book illustrator and filmmaker, Onur Tukel who currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Books are Like Puppies is an entry for Aniboom Awards 4 Sesame Street : Animate to Educate, a competition that has attracted a host of entries none other of which I have seen. But Onur’s is certainly cute with a young girl, Simile Emily, introducing dog and book. They are so similar it is hard to believe I’ve not registered the relationship. Both can be held up, both have a tail, though there is a spelling difference. Very restrained animation, clearly designed, with a great kid’s voice-over, and an intelligent script. I wish it well in competition. It seems to fit the bill for me. Back to an earlier work from Onur – Steps of Another Man’s House - a music video made in 2008 for David Yazbek in which one is taken on life’s journey in beguiling fashion, as child emerges, learns some harsh realities before discovering a world that is reassuringly nice. Hand drawn and then worked over in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Onur is multi-talented in a way that is ridiculous so I’ll add a cartoon from the many, appropriate at a time here in the UK when we are in the midst of a general election, ‘cept we vote for Prime Minister, or not.

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