Saturday, 15 May 2010

Simon Kennedy "Operator" (Akamai Drone 2010)

It could be argued that working on music videos is one of the most demanding of occupations given short deadlines and limited budgets. As is evident from the Animation Blog, many directors rise majestically to the challenge, with a diversity of animated films that both showcase the artist and their talent. Such a director is Simon Kennedy whose Operator for American singer, Akamai Drone (Christian Imes), was shot on a shoestring - £3000 to be exact. You would hardly know it from the dynamic film in which performer is strapped to a scaffold in a setting that belies its humble North London origins. Syringes pump out white noxious substances to the discomfiture of the singer who nevertheless belts out his song with alacrity. So much for the live action (costume George Thomson/ make-up Irene Ferraro), shot using a Sony EX3 and a large greenscreen. The rest is all CGI, a battery of percussion instruments formed as Star Wars metropolis whilst snakes writhe in a swamp. I realise there are many readers who are interested in the technical side. For the record then: "The software for the 3d was mostly 3d Studio MAX, for modelling and animating the mech and animating the snakes. The composite was often done in the 3d software to make the grading of the colours and contrast easier. George Thomson helped out with some of the 3d backgrounds, modelled and animated in Cinema 4d. All final composites were carried out in Adobe After Effects, along with some of the particle effects, others were done in 3d Studio. The sky and other 2d elements were put together in Photoshop, the overall look and feel was developed in 2d in Photoshop first." That’s Simon explaining how you get such an exciting video with the software. You also need talent of which he has oodles.


Distorted Dogma said...

They may well become, or even have become, victims of their own success. They did it for 5K, now lets see if they can do it with 4K, 3K, and on and on until it's shot on a Toshiba H30 at H.264 and finished on a single machine by the same sleepless guy for 50 quid.

Nice work though.
Be Well.

Ian Lumsden said...

I completely agree. Animators need proper payment. Professional work, professional payment. Simon, though, wants to break into the business. I think he has done so. His next work should pay a realisic amount sum.